Chamber committees develop ideas and thoughts that become the Chamber’s overall position on relevant matters. They also inform members of issues related to their businesses and act as a forum to encourage further contact between members.  Please consult the Chamber calendar or contact the Chamber office for committee meeting schedules.

APCAC Liaison

The Chamber has been a member of the Asia Pacific Council of American Chamber of Commerce (APCAC) since 1968, which includes Chamber members from the Asia-Pacific region: Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Guam, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Okinawa, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taipei, Thailand, and Vietnam. The committee is dedicated to furthering the strength and competitiveness of U.S. business in the Asia Pacific region. It does so through interaction with other APCAC committees in the accumulation of information that may be of concern and interest to American business members. Additionally, it works to keep other Chamber members informed of APCAC’s views, interests and concerns of individual and common problems the Chamber encounters in this region.  APCAC holds an annual meeting in a different Asia-Pacific location that serves to elicit and develop timely resolutions on issues of primary concern to the American business community.

Tourism and Hospitality

Okinawa being the number one domestic tourist destination and gaining more and more popularity in the international travel world, Tourism is by far the most important and influential aspect of Okinawa’s economy.

The THC does not have a fixed meeting place preferring instead to visit member properties over lunch and a facility guided tour among other fun activities.  THC meetings are open to all ACCO members (non-members one time only “observer” status permitted) and we welcome new members whether in the relevant industries or not.  Members of the THC mainly represent Hoteliers from large global brands & private Resorts down to small business hotels.  Current projects involve strategies for improving the quality of Tourism & Hospitality related services on island, discussing current trends & problems and strategic planning for the future.

Military Liaison

Provides you with the chance to furnish Chamber members that deal with the US military as a customer, with current information on contracting issues, accounting and finance issues among other issues.

Information Technology

Technology is changing at a faster rate than ever.  The IT committee examines current trends and future tech on the horizon.


Keeping Chamber members abreast of financial and economic issues that may affect them as an individual or in business related activities. In the past, the committee has published articles in the Chamber newsletter about financing opportunities for businesses in Japan. These articles described various lending institutions, loans available, interest rates, and qualifying requirements.


The committee also organizes guest speakers for general membership meetings or small round table discussions on topics.  Past topics have included U.S. and Japanese tax laws, banking laws and regulations, and real estate loans.

Special Events

Provides the opportunity to help organize social events for the members. It gives you a chance to “get involved” and have fun.

Public Relations

Promotes better understanding and the good reputation of the Chamber.  It does this by communicating information about the Chamber’s happenings both to its own members and outside entities.


Work with local Educators to help better education on Okinawa and help prepare students to enter the workforce.  Programs currently focus on English education and promoting coding for the IT Industry.


Provides a chance to take part in forming policy recommendations on membership benefits. It also gives you an opportunity to serve the Chamber on the committee responsible for membership growth and interest.


Provides the chance to network and take part in studying specific trade matters.  The committee makes recommendations, to Japanese and American government agencies, trade organizations and the ACCO. One of the Chambers largest and most vital committees.

Business Development

The main mission and goal of this committee is to provide the means and resources for any individual or corporation, located locally or overseas, looking to establish a business in Okinawa, Japan.